Jun. 1st, 2008

Carrie and I were poking around old sites last night trying to find some photos of her wedding week and I found my way back to my original on line journal over at diary land. I only posted there for a few months back in the spring of 2003 before I was lured into the shinier format of Live Journal by the same people who lured me to diaryland in the first place. I tried cross posting at the two sites for a while, but I think it was only for about 3-4 entries before I got tired of that and just moved here completely.

They made my DL site inactive at some point, but when I tried to access it last night, they told me I could have it recovered - all I had to do was click OK. I checked this morning and there it is - back up up and fully accessible. So in the interest of not losing all that material again, I've decided to copy and paste all the old posts (30 or so) into LJ. I will lock all but the first one to myself only, so your friends pages don't get swamped with my repeats, but I found it entertaining to re-read this first one, so I'm leaving it open.

Experimental Notes: )
A day late, but hey, I was drinking last night and the concept of WHY we were hunting wedding photos didn't click until this morning. Heh. I always think it was in June.

I scanned and cropped these from printed non-digital photos. They're a little grainy. )



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