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Carrie and I were poking around old sites last night trying to find some photos of her wedding week and I found my way back to my original on line journal over at diary land. I only posted there for a few months back in the spring of 2003 before I was lured into the shinier format of Live Journal by the same people who lured me to diaryland in the first place. I tried cross posting at the two sites for a while, but I think it was only for about 3-4 entries before I got tired of that and just moved here completely.

They made my DL site inactive at some point, but when I tried to access it last night, they told me I could have it recovered - all I had to do was click OK. I checked this morning and there it is - back up up and fully accessible. So in the interest of not losing all that material again, I've decided to copy and paste all the old posts (30 or so) into LJ. I will lock all but the first one to myself only, so your friends pages don't get swamped with my repeats, but I found it entertaining to re-read this first one, so I'm leaving it open.

This may be one of the silliest things I've ever done. Or it may just be something fun to try for a while and see if I get anything useful out of it, like stress relief (not that I'm in dire need of that lately, thankfully), amusement, or just another way to procrastinate my daily chores. For the moment, I'm trying hard to be a good typist and capitalize letters that ought to be capitalized. But anybody who knows me from the Internet knows that likely won't last very long. So if you just stumbled across this randomly and have a burning hatred for lazy typists who can't be bothered with the shift key, run away now.

peer pressure is an amazing force of nature. i do my best to avoid it, but i think if a building is already leaning it's not too hard to knock it down. heh. so yeah. the first evil and her cohort demon M managed to convince me (in about 5 minutes last night) that i should try this on line journaling thing that i've been carefully avoiding for months (despite the fact that Everyone who is Anyone is doing it). (oh and if you hate long sentences and paratheticals with a passion, also run away now. i'm full of tangents.) where was i?

Right. i didn't want to do this. i'm way too angst filled to do this. people are going to either be yawning or laughing at things that i don't think are funny. C is funny. L is informative. U is whimsical. the R chickies are just bizarre (which is why my husband can't get enough of them, also being bizarre himself). and D, well, D is my pal and i like to know what's up with him, even if i have to read about his bowling scores to find out.

maybe this will work on that level if nothing else. if i ever tell any of them i did this. *l*

i guess it makes sense to tell some background about myself next. but i doubt i'm going to pass this link to anyone who doesn't know me already and i might have to strangle any of them that link my page from theirs (unless i at some point feel exhibitionist enough to go that route).

one thing they ought to know however (and i do mean the people who already know me on one level or another) is that if they're used to my pg-13 posts at fff, they might want to be aware that i'm under no such restrictions here and i'm not always going to self censor. i have a potty mouth. and when i feel the need to use it for emphasis, shock value, or just cuz, i will. so if vulgar and or profane language sends you into apoplexy, run away now. you never know when i might use some. unless, of course, it turns out that this site censors. we shall see.

i think i'm basically a nice person. i'm not religious, but i do try to follow the golden rule. i have some pretty solid opinions on various issues, but i try not to rub them in other people's faces. and i'm open to being educated on practically any topic. i have a profound supply of guilt available in my brain for any occasion. i have a strong work ethic, but i'm not too hard to side-track when the task isn't high priority.

and in the end, i'm really just like warm sweet fuzzy loveable huggable old Grover on Sesame Street. well, except that i'm not blue. or quite that fuzzy. or male. and no one has his hand shoved up my ass directing my every move. but i do just want to be loved. :-) and i can reach amazing levels of anxiety over really silly things.

when i was a little girl, one of my favorite books was about Grover. it was called the monster at the end of this book or something very close to that. and the whole book involved poor grover becoming increasingly more terrified of the approaching end of the story and doing everything in his power to prevent the reader from reaching the end of the book - building brick walls, nailing up boards, tying the pages shut, pleading with all his might - until finally we reach the end...

and grover is the monster at the end of the book. sweet, loveable, furry old grover. *bg* silly him.

if silliness makes you want to puke, run away now

Date: 2008-06-01 06:57 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] carrieb.livejournal.com
*lol* This was so fun to read! I'm very glad you don't have someone's hand up your ass.

I'm also glad you were able to recover your stuff!

Date: 2008-06-02 05:21 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] jemany.livejournal.com
I think you can be kinda blue sometimes though.



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