Dec. 19th, 2009

You may have noticed I was a little bit excited last night. Shame on me. I should have known better than to think I was going to have a perfect day.

My oldest was due to arrive at the local airport at about 9PM last night, coming home from college for the holidays. He made it home at about 2:30 this morning. And I think I have a sinus infection. And we have about 2-3 inches of sloppy, wet, heavy, icky snow on the ground with at least a couple more due to arrive in the next twenty-four hours. And I'm so tired. And I have to get to the bank before noon today to get into my safe deposit box and hopefully find the title to my old mini-van (which is now the property of a dealership about an hour south of here - yay!) since I brought them the wrong piece of paper yesterday afternoon.


But I still have a new pony. And my son _did_ get home, even if he had to spend over four and a half hours sitting in a small regional jet on a runway in the sleet/rain mix that central NC was getting last night, waiting to be de-iced (central NC, being unaccustomed to much wintery precipitation, only keeps one de-icing truck and it had some issues last night).

And eventually it will stop snowing and I will be able to take some nice photos of my new (to me) car to share with all of you. I really don't want to share the inside of my garage with you.

I'm very tired. And my face really hurts. But I have a red pony. There is balance.

And if anyone is interested in the details before the photos:

Dark red, 2007 GT Premium, black leather interior (I would have preferred a lighter color interior, but after looking for four months, I have determined it is practically impossible to find a red '07 Mustang with anything other than black interior), 27K miles, CD/MP3 player with six CD changer, 'traction control', all sorts of nice little bells and whistles in the driver comfort arena, and fold down rear seating that allows expanded trunk space for carrying large stuff. It also has one of those nifty air scoop dealiewheelies on the hood that makes it look even tougher (although I have no idea if it has a real function or not). And did I mention the remote starter? That was a surprise when I got down south to test drive it. It made me very happy. I hate getting into a cold car and I hate having to run out early to start it to warm it up.

Of course, the black leather will mean hot seat in the summer, so I'll get a little sun shade thing for the front window and maybe a little seat cover for summer. Maybe even a little steering wheel cover for summer, too.

And no, it's not evironmentally friendly. I have a small pang of guilt over that, but not enough to stop me from getting the car I've wanted for as long as I can remember. No more mom-van. It's the dawn of a new era. One that does not involve taxi service, hauling service, spilled food, crumbs, dog kennels, bags of dirt, fertilizer, sand, gravel, or any other yard product being piled in the back. No more waiting half an hour for the heat or air-conditioning to fill up the cavern before the interior reaches a comfy temp. No more wedging a giant vehicle into the limited space in my garage. No more smacking the lawnmower into the rear wall of the garage.

Call it a mid-life crises if you want. I call it 'my turn'.



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